Tuesday Links #2

It has been a mad couple of days – projects piling up, and very little time off. In other words, the “awe” in awesome. I can’t wait to publish a couple of the shots I’ve been taking lately, but it will be a couple of days at least. Either way, since it’s Tuesday, here are the Tuesday Links:


1. Engineering vs. Liberal Arts – Now, regardless of the icons quoted for this particular article, I have to admit that it puts things in perspective – you need both sides of your brain active to truly make a difference with your job, your projects etc. A conjunction of your artistic persona and your rational persona is probably the most effective way to deliver incredible results.

2.  Printing & Hanging a Photography Show – This  is for those that wonder what is the right way to put up a photography show. While it will be some time until I will put something together, I find that putting together an actual show should be done in a dazzling way, rather than a couple of small, cheap prints in whatever place might agree to a free-of-charge event. Something dazzling can be done with little funds as well, you just might need more imagination.

3. Rogier van der Heide: Why light needs darkness – Lastly, a monologue about light and how you can manipulate it to obtain incredible effects.


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