tales from “think week”

A couple of weeks ago I disappeared with an out-of-the-ordinary enthusiasm in regards to a short vacation, or what I planned to be my own version of Think Week. Now, in order to familiarize yourself with the concept, I found a video that explains the term incredibly well:

 Granted, however, that I took a little more time than I should have had with this think week, however, the whole point of it was to draw significant lines with what I had gathered up to that moment in terms of life, work and where it’s all headed. As I accomplish them, I will post them here as small achievements.

However, a couple of thoughts became widely important throughout that period and these I will share:

1.) Always have a plan – You may not be so luck as to have a plan for your entire life just yet, however, have a plan to acheive something in the next few months. And I mean something relevant long-term.

2.) Learn to think at a larger scale – While thinking at the microlevel of everyday living, effective changes are more likely to occur if you remove the short-term barrier.

3.) Remove clutter – Free your schedule of unwanted/useless tasks and obligations. Make a decision tree of what you need to do and what you want to do and reach a compromise. Use the extra time in your schedule to develop yourself rather than be at someone’s constant beck and call.

These are obvious advices, alas rarely taken into consideration.

Now, getting back to the matter at hand – some pictures from the making of Think Week. The actual photographs taken during that time you’ve seen in older posts like here or here. This is more of snapshot-set of pictures, which aren’t even camera made, but phone-made.

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