there is nothing so stable as change

Since before I can remember, I had a computer in front of me. I used to enjoy playing around with what was then autoexec.bat and config.sys, although I can’t say I understood everything I did there. And then there were the funny games which stuck with me to the day. I’m not sure what I loved most about them – troubleshooting  or actually playing them. They never worked right from the get-go, they always had to be set up manually in terms of sound and graphics, and by the time you got it working, the feeling of “making it work” was simply better than winning the game. I grew up with what people like Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates and other brilliant engineers and visionaries made possible for us.

As I grew up, I started learning about the people that changed the way we see computing, and the dynamic duo that was Steve Jobs and Wozniak impressed me to the core because of their passion for what engineering actually stands for – bringing a simple solution to the world, making it easy for people like you and me to accomplish their day-to-day tasks and improve our lives in general. And it stuck to me.

I rarely write very personal notes, and even more so when it’s a trend. But this is my exception, because this goes to a visionary I’m proud to have been contemporary with and witness the way he changed the world. To an endless source of inspiration and genius for years to come. And because the people that dedicate their lives to their work and to putting that “ding in the universe” should be loudly remembered.

One of my regrets at the moment is that it now seems useless to attend next year’s Macworld, as I had originally planned. But that’s not all that relevant, is it.