double espresso

The coffee cup photographs keep pouring. Probably because this is where I spend most of my time lately, or maybe because I have something else coming up that’s going to be a lot more interesting (I just hope the weather will allow it).

But bear with me a bit – as I was working on this photo, I kept thinking that most of the things we do right now, have already been done. Most of the important and relevant ideas of our lives have been written for ages, and we haven’t even begun to read them. And they keep rewriting them for us, and there will never be enough time to cover them all. And that’s okay too. Same goes for photography. But that doesn’t mean the answer is to stop – the answer is to take and make it personal. Turn bland, colorless information into stories. Turn photography concepts into personal views into the matter. Even engineering is beginning to be more about re-polishing ideas – not always though.

Point is, the fundamental things of life remain the same – and very, very few things can truly change them. But we can significantly improve them. Meanwhile, the only way to stand out from the crowd in any way is to “reject reality and substitute your own”. Objectivity is not completely off-limits, like any rule, any sign of normality – it’s useful at times. But in work, art, relationships and such it’s the personal pattern that generates real changes.

Keep the streets empty for me.


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