a short story about harvest


early June, and it’s naturally too early for harvest. nonetheless, there is another kind of harvest that comes to mind – that one that relates directly to core values.

as we grow up and slowly discover what makes us who we are, we start developing these said values – consider them a kernel of the personal thinking system. the construction of these particular values should be in a way that allows them to remain mostly unchanged, and their development mostly non-peer dependent. whatever is added afterwards should be an extension and work in harmony with them – it’s the point where the behavior becomes natural, and the general state of mind lacks that pesky dissonance between who we are and what we do.

in short, as we develop we should retain the same values as we had 5 years ago since these are the primary definitions of who and what we are. whereas in time, a number of things might occur: growth through experience (rough or mild), added insight; most of what we consider core values should remain the same. by no means does this involve a stagnant thinking system, but more of one that has a stable basis, that is constantly built upon.


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