we just decided to

It’s been a long run, and no blog posts, I’ll admit to that.

There comes a moment, when there is a need for creating something different. We all have that suffocating feeling that things aren’t necessarily aligned, nor really put together. On the other hand, the issue is more often about change, and how very few are willing to be the fire-starters. Getting what you want is more about moving things in the right direction and having a real attempt at what most would call “a shot in hell at succeeding”. Then others join. Slowly. An inevitable movement for the better starts.

Beginnings are hard, and they require a tremendous amount of effort, this has been said so often it has become cliché. Nonetheless, it’s clichés like hard work and patience that have returned results in the long run.

So we’re going to make something different. Because we just decided to.


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